Couples & Marriage Counseling

Reconnect with your partner, overcome challenges, and strengthen your relationship.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

At Catalyst, we believe in the power of  mental health services, counseling & therapy to transform the lives of those suffering from mental ailment. Whether treatment involves EMDR therapy to marriage counseling,  our team of compassionate professionals are here to help you succeed and provide them with the individualized attention they deserve.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Is Relationship Counseling Right for You?

At Catalyst, we understand that taking those first steps in finding help to improve your relationships can feel daunting. It’’s normal to initially feel dismissive about seeking help from a third party, but doing so has many benefits.

At Catalyst, our skilled therapists provide an objective perspective and valuable insights while teaching you new techniques to improve communication and deepen your connection with your partner. We offer various options for couples and families searching for counseling and therapy. Our professionals seek to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere where partners can communicate and resolve conflicts.

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"This place was and is an absolutely amazing place to work. I worked for Catalyst from 2019 to this year (2021). I cherished my experience with the team and all of the supervisors that work so hard to make this place such a warm and welcoming environment for anyone who walks through the front door. If you are in need of a generous helping hand or a more than satisfactory job you are looking at the right place!"

Brandon Z.

"They have been amazing with my daughter. Everytime she has a session I see improvements. My daughter's grades are up she seems to do things independently. Her confidence has grown and she has a higher self esteem. They have helped with social situations and what not to do. There always communicating with me and setting goals that are attainable. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication. A big huge thanks to Morgan for all her hard work. Thank you to all the staff you all make a huge difference in our life"

Kira C.

"I love working with this team. This company is dedicated to making a difference in client and employee lives on a daily basis. I have been a staff member since the beginning, and I can tell you that we are constantly making goals to improve our processes, training, employee packages, and client programs. On a personal note, the owners of this company make being a mother easier, which is not commonly found in the workforce today. They practice what they preach and genuinely care about mental health and progress. I absolutley adore my co-workers and the individuals I get to interact with on a daily basis!"

Meg M

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