EMDR Therapy

Ogden EMDR Therapy

EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, is a form of psychotherapy designed to alter how the brain processes traumatic information or memories. EMDR has been proven effective at relieving symptoms for post-traumatic stress disorders, depression and severe anxiety among others things that can be caused by trauma.

The eight phases of EMDR therapy are designed to help patients process the traumatic events that have been overwhelming them. Therapists work with clients during each stage, helping identify what details they need in order tell their story properly. Moving on from there- sometimes using various techniques like imagery or vocalization when appropriate for certain types & needs as well has providing support throughout healing processes which may take several weeks depending upon how far along someone feels emotionally before ending this phase accordingly after ensuring client safety.

Catalyst Behavior Solutions, proudly providing Ogden, UT EMDR therapy, ABA Therapy, Mental Health, and other community services to northern Utah since 2014. We prepare our clients to reach their full potential and achieve future success through the use of evidence-based and data-driven treatment methods.

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