PCIT: Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Ogden PCIT – Parent Child Interaction Therapy

If you are struggling with a child who will not follow directions, throws frequent tantrums or becomes aggressive either verbally or physically then it’s time for some help. The good news is that there may be solutions out there which can make your life easier! Catalyst offers specialized PCIT treatment in behavioral problems like this – no matter how bad they get sometimes kids just need an extra nudge in the right direction from someone older than themselves before everything clicks again.

There are many different signs of oppositional defiance. Some kids will often lose their temper or have tantrums, be angry with parents all the time and refuse to follow directions/defiance when they’re told something by an adult authority figure such as teachers at school for instance; this can lead some children feeling like running household because everything seems out-of -their control even though there might not actually anything “wrong” happening within your family dynamic right now (I know i’ve been guilty)!

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