School Supports

For Parents: 
Children with autism or developmental disabilities can often find it difficult to participate in school and to appropriately access their education. This struggle can take many forms, from engaging in problem behavior, not attending classes, not turning in assignments, and poor grades. Applied Behavior Analysis looks at why the child is engaging in problem behavior and strategically puts interventions in place to help the child get their needs met while being able to access their education. Information is collected from the parents, school, and any other appropriate sources to understand the behaviors of concern. We then work together with the school to help make sure the student has the supports in place to help them to be successful in the academic environment. Our approach is a collaborative one, understanding that in order for the child to be successful, the parents, school, and therapists must all work together.

Services provided:

  • Review of student concerns
  • Direct Observation of student
  • Assessment of needs in the educational setting
  • Participation as part of the IEP team to advocate for the needs of the student
  • Pull out services – 1:1 tutor lead sessions in the school setting
  • Push in services – 1:1 tutor behavioral supports in the classroom in collaboration with the teacher

For Schools:
We offer a selection of workshops that are designed to provide educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach children on the autism spectrum. We deliver each workshop in a way that’s simple to understand and apply. 

Some of the workshops we provide include:

  • ABA 101: Basic Principles of Behavior
  • Understanding & supporting challenging behaviors
  • Environmental & Preventative Planning
  • Building a successful behavior plan
  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Advanced Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Visual Supports
  • Effective communication for those on the spectrum
  • Verbal behavior 101
  • ABA & Social skills

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