Social Skills


What is a Social Skills Group?

A Social Skills Group is a small group of clients who come together, with their ABA tutors, to learn skills related to social interaction with peers and adults. The group is led by an adult who teaches the skills using Behavior Skills Training (BST) to teach the skill in an evidence-based manner. Social Skills Groups can also be useful to assist in generalizing skills taught in individual ABA sessions to a group setting.

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What is Behavior Skills Training?

Behavior Skills Training is an evidence-based approach to teaching skills and is used throughout our Social Skills Groups. Behavior Skills Training utilizes four steps to teach skills:


What do Social Skills Groups look like at Catalyst?

At Catalyst Behavior Solutions, Social Skills Groups consist of 4-7 clients, their ABA tutors, and a group leader. The leader uses Behavior Skills Training to guide each lesson and teach identified Social Skills to each group. ABA tutors assist the leader in teaching the skill in the modeling step by engaging in role plays with the leader and by modeling the skill in the natural settings throughout group. ABA tutors assist the clients by utilizing ABA practices to help clients perform the skills (Step 3) and by giving immediate positive praise and corrective feedback (Step 4) after each rehearsal.

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