Utah has recently rolled out their Invisible Condition Alert Program. This is a voluntary program that allows a person to be identified as having an “invisible condition” by having a symbol placed on their driver’s license or ID card and register the invisible condition into law enforcement’s record management or computer-aided dispatch system. The program has been created to notify first responders about a person’s invisible condition that may impact the person’s ability to communicate.

According to the UT code invisible condition means a physical or mental condition that may interfere with an individual’s ability to communicate with a first responder including; a communication impediment, hearing loss, blindness or a visual impairment, autism spectrum disorder, a drug allergy, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia, epilepsy, a development disability, Down syndrome, diabetes, heart condition, any other condition approved by the department.

As a healthcare professional practicing in Utah we are providing informational resources about this initiative to our patients.

Your diagnosing provider must complete the “invisible condition request form” if you choose to opt into the program. The form is submitted to the Driver’s License Division

Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program informational materials:

  • Utah Health Care Professionals and Invisible Conditions as defined in 53-3-207
  • Utah Driver License Division

https://dld.utah.gov/invisible-condition/ | 801-965-4437

  • Invisible Condition Request Form


  • Invisible Condition Removal Form


  • Statement of Invisible Condition